Hello everyone!

This is me, Paula. I am the owner and creative person behind PAPR Boutique. Ever since I was small, I loved drawing and was always on the hunt for a new project that would keep me busy. Similar to probably a lot of creatives out there, I knew I loved drawing but I wasn't really sure what I could do with it when I grew older. Add to that a lot of 'advice' from other people telling me that you couldn't possible earn a living with drawing, and I decided to eventually study business in college. In all fairness, I loved it and this is probably what sparked my desire to work for myself and start a small business. 

So, enter PAPR Boutique.

PAPR Boutique started from my love of paper (or papr, if you see what we did there!) & the desire to bring back the joy of handwritten notes. Kind of like that excitement we had years ago when we received an email, but in reverse!

Our aim is to create beautiful & funny paper goods that are for real people, inspired by real events or inside jokes mostly known within your friends :) 

I don't want to bore you too much, but I do encourage you to keep an eye out for us @paprboutique on Instagram, as that is where I love to hang out most. Alternatively, drop me a line at hello@paprboutique.com and I'd love to chat.